White Roofs and Sandy Beaches

03.2.2018 | Paula Daher | Travel

A quick trip, a mere two hours from Boston, makes for a destination that feels worlds away.  Bermuda, an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean’s jet stream, provides a temperate climate all year long. Here in February, a perfect 3 days in the lower 70’s.


White limestone roofs

As a designer, I look for inspiration in all that I do. Bermuda provided me with a visual treat with their white roofs.  Every building on the island has a white roof and, as I always say, something singular is fine, but, en masse, the same image can create stunning pageantry.

Below you see the up-close details of a white roof. I was intrigued by the step aspect and heavy thickness of each shingle. The roofs are constructed from indigenous limestone, the stone acting as a natural filter. The only fresh water source on the island is from collected rainwater. As rainwater runs down the roof, it is naturally filtered by the limestone. The water then runs through a series of pipes into a cistern or large collecting pool built from limestone beneath each building. Truly remarkable to think this method of providing fresh water to Bermudians began in the early 1600’s!  Even newer buildings utilize the same roof construction process and materials from centuries before.

Step detail of roofs

Even new construction uses same limestone roofs

Okay enough of the geek talk, let’s enjoy the visual beauty of the aquamarine blue water, fine white sand beaches and, of course a cocktail!  Surely, the pinks, aquas, and teals against a white backdrop will enlighten many upcoming projects.  Take a trip over – you will leave feeling refreshed after experiencing this peaceful and beautiful island.

Hammock anyone?

Teals and blues of Bermuda

Relaxing after a wonderful day. Cheers!